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Sunday, March 17, 11am-6pm


Save time and sell everything in one spot over one weekend! Our consignors average $300 in sales!

Two Options to Consign:
1. You Tag: Consignors earn 60% on sold items, less a $10 consignor fee. Consignors who join our team and volunteer earn an additional 10%-15%, for a total of 70%-75%!
2. We Tag: No time to tag? We can help! See Valet Consignor details below.

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The online volunteer schedule is OPEN!


Be a part of the JBF Community and get rewarded!

Earn more on your sales AND shop earliest for the best selection! The more shifts you complete, the more you earn on consigned items AND the earlier you get to shop! The earlier you shop, the better the selection!

**If you consign more than 300 items and plan to pick up your unsold items, you must work a 2-hour shift during breakdown PLUS volunteer for a minimum of four hours to earn the additional % of sales. You may waive the 2-hour breakdown shift requirement if you donate 100% of your items.**


Team Member Perks:

  • Earn MORE on sold items
  • Shop EARLY at the Presale and bring a friend
  • Shop EARLY at the Half-Price Presale and bring a friend


12 Hour Team Members - Earn 75% on sold items, shop Presale at 12:00pm
8 Hour Team Members - Earn 70% on sold items, shop Presale at 12:30am
4 Hour Team Members - Earn 70% on sold items, shop Presale at 1:00pm
Consignors Not Volunteering - Earn 60% on sold items, shop Presale at 2:00pm



Drop off and pick up is EASY & FAST! Your items will be inspected AFTER you have dropped them at the sale, so no waiting in long lines.

Drop Off: Sunday, March 17

  • 11am-6pm

Drop Off Procedure:

  • Please bring your consignor waiver to drop off, and your crib and car seat waivers if applicable.
  • When you arrive, bring one item inside to check in. You will then return to your car to gather your remaining items. We have rolling racks and carts for you to borrow.
  • You will place all of your items on the sales floor and they will be inspected AFTER you drop them off. Items that do not pass inspection will be held for you to pick up, or automatically donated if marked "donate".
  • Watch your sales live online during the event!


Pick Up: Sunday, March 24

  • 4pm-6pm

Pick Up Procedure:

  • We sort your items, so pick up is QUICK! No need to hunt for your items on the sales floor. Your items will be waiting in one organized pile.
  • You choose whether you'd like to pick up all unsold items or donate some/all of your items to our charity.
  • Please bring your ID to claim your items. You may have someone else pick up your items as long as you notify Julie via email prior to pick up.
  • Items not picked up will be donated to charity.

Power Sellers:

**If you consign more than 300 items and plan to pick up your unsold items, you must work a 2-hour shift during breakdown PLUS volunteer for a minimum of four hours to earn the additional % of sales. You may waive the 2-hour breakdown shift requirement if you donate 100% of your items.**


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Infant, Children's, & Maternity Clothing

We sell children's clothing Preemie through size 20, as well as Maternity.

Be picky. Look at your clothing items as if you were going to purchase them. No stained or damaged items will be accepted, and will be removed from the sales floor during inspection. Please freshly clean your clothing items. Replace missing buttons, sew loose hems and seams, and clip loose threads. Please button all buttons, snap all snaps, zip all zippers before you arrive at Drop Off. This will ensure that there are no defects in the clothing. The newer the item looks (and the better it smells), the better it will sell.


Packaging & Hanging:
Hangers- Please hang clothes so the hanger hook points to the left (like a question mark). Hang size 0-6 clothing on child size hangers and sizes 7-20 and maternity on adult size hangers. Clothing that falls off the hanger onto the floor does not sell well.

Clothing Sets- Sets tend to sell better (under size 6) so match things up if you can. All garment should be hung together. Use a safety pin or tagging gun to attach clothing sets securely with bottom garment hung on the backside of the shirt, so both pieces can be viewed without separating them.

Pants/Shorts- Pant-clip hangers are great but if you use a standard hanger, simply use your tagging gun to attach pants to the top part of the hanger so the garment will not slide.

Onesie, Socks, Tights, Hats- need to be in a clear Ziploc bag (you may group multiple items in one bag). Please be sure to label your tag well so that customers know exactly what the items are. You can choose to hang your onesies on hangers, or package 4+ into a bag. Please fold and display these within the clear Ziploc bag so it is easy to see and inspect them.

Large Items *Hot Sellers*

Exersaucers, swings, high chairs, changing tables, cribs (Manufactured AFTER June 28, 2011; please bring Crib Waiver for all cribs), strollers, bath seats, baby walkers, car seats & car seat accessories must be checked for safety recalls, must have all parts, and be in good condition. Car seats must have an expiration date of more than one year from the time of the sale, must have the manual (original or printed from the website), and meet the requirements in our car seat waiver that you will leave with us at drop off.

Children's furniture - beds (toddler, twin),desks, side tables, dressers, etc.

Packaging: If item has multiple pieces use packaging tape, zip ties, or string to keep items attached together. All furniture and equipment must be assembled during the sale. Batteries must be included, if applicable. 

Books, Games, DVDs, Puzzles, Arts & Crafts

Books, book sets, board games, puzzles, video games, video game systems, scrapbook, arts & crafts sets are great items for resale.  Games and puzzles must have all pieces.

Packaging: Use clear, self-seal bags or clear cling wrap (saran wrap) to hold multiple items together; Tie sets of books together with ribbon/string. Be sure that parts/games to video game systems (such as Vtech) cannot be separated or switched out at the sale.


Ride-on toys, block sets, dolls, remote control cars, outdoor toys, learning toys, and more! All toys must be checked for safety recalls before consigning.  Clean all toys and baby equipment thoroughly.  Please test to make sure that toys and equipment are working properly. Battery operated toys must include working batteries (these can be purchased inexpensively at local discount stores).

Packaging: Keeping tags and multiple items attached is essential for your items to sell. Bag all small parts belonging to toys/equipment in Ziploc bags and tape the bag shut with clear packing tape. Fasten the bag securely to the item with ribbon, tape, or zip ties. Items must include ALL working parts.

Infant Items, Bags, & Baby Carriers

Nursing covers & pillows, feeding items, monitors, safety items, diapering & toileting items, rattles, and more. Please check for safety recalls on all items that you consign.

Packaging: If an item has multiple pieces use packing tape, tagging gun, safety pins or clear Ziploc bags to keep items attached together and clearly visible to shoppers. Batteries must be included, if applicable.


Make sure that shoes are clean, clean, clean! We will be VERY selective with shoes.

Packaging: Fasten shoes together with zip ties. For infant shoes or small shoes without laces, you may put the shoes in a clear Ziploc bag. We prefer no shoe boxes.

Bedding, Blankets, & Textiles

Bedding sizes accepted are bassinet through twin only. Please be selective when selling bedding, blankets, receiving blankets, burp cloths, and towels. New and barely used items sell best. Check carefully for stains; shoppers get very disappointed if they find a stain in a bundled blanket once they get home. We do not accept crib bumpers of any sort.



We prep your items and you earn 45-50% on sold items! Valet Consigning is limited and will close when spaces are full.

In order to qualify, you must answer YES to both questions below:

1. Do you have at least 75 items to consign?

2. Are 80% of your items name brand? Less than 20% of your items should be from Target/Walmart.






Just Between Friends is currently the only children's and maternity resale franchise that employs a safety and recall expert. That's because we are dedicated to keeping our families safe. We make sure our franchisees and participating families have updated information on safety and recalls that could impact them. 

Please note that no recalled items may be sold at our event. Our sales are monitored to remove items which the Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled.







Phone/Text: 717-489-2828


Hi, I'm Julie and I'm thrilled to bring Just Between Friends to the Harrisburg and Hershey region!

As a mom, I get it. Kids can be expensive. They never stop growing! JBF is a community event that allows local families to sell items that their kids no longer use and to recycle those items back into the community for another family. Families can restock their closets and get way MORE for LESS, by saving 50-90% off retail prices! It's a win-win and it's why I love JBF. I know you will too!