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Wednesday, September 18
Presale Day (Early Access)  *Ticket required*

11:30am - Team Leads

12:00pm - 12 hour Team Members

12:30pm - 8 hour Team Members

1:00pm - 4 hour Team Members

2:00pm - Consignors shop

3:30pm - Expecting Parents or Parents/ Grandparents of Infants

4:30pm - Teachers & Military

Doors close at 8:30pm, registers close at 9pm.


Thursday, September 19
Open to the Public 10am-9pm 


Friday, September 20
Open to the Public 10am-7pm

New items available!


Friday, September 20
50% Off Presale (Early Access)  *Ticket required*

Open to Consignors and Team Members Only 

Team Members shop 7pm-9pm

Consignors shop 7:30pm-9pm


Saturday, September 21 | 50% Off Day
Open to the Public 10am-9pm. Items without a star will be 50% off.


Connect with us for updated sale information and special giveaways!




Harrisburg Mall

3501 Paxton Street

Harrisburg, PA 17111

Kids grow fast! We get it! So, we created a twice-per-year community marketplace event where families can sell the items their kids are no longer using and shop thousands of brand name items at 50-90% off retail prices.

We help you save money, save time by selling and shopping at one location over one weekend, clear the clutter, and provide for your family at Just Between Friends Harrisburg/Hershey.




Ready to SELL the items your kids no longer need?



Phone/Text: 717-489-2828


Hi, I'm Julie and I'm thrilled to bring Just Between Friends (JBF) to the Harrisburg and Hershey region!

As a mom, I get it. Kids can be expensive. They never stop growing and JBF can help! JBF is a community event that helps local families clear clutter, sell items that their kids no longer use at one location, and recycle those items back into the community for another family. Families can restock their closets and get MORE for LESS, by saving 50-90% off retail prices! It's a win-win and it's why I love JBF. I know you will too!